“Working with HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media and their team is wonderful. They go above and beyond for Dunkin’ Donuts to ensure our priorities are incorporated into all advertising and added value programs. They are extremely creative and think “outside the box” when pitching and producing opportunities that fit Dunkin’ Donuts. We appreciate the partnership that has been created with HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media over the years and look forward to continued success for years to come.”
Dunkin’ Donuts, 2014
“We have been advertising with HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media since we opened. The thing that I like the most about working with HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media is that we can use all of their platforms to create a layered campaign. And we get great advice because they have so many resources. I like the way they work as a team; all of the representatives are very responsive. Our experience has been excellent and I am looking forward to work with the team in the future. It’s an important part of our marketing plan.”
Tracy Shirer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Connecticut Science Center, Hartford
“We advertise in the Courant when we have a special show date. We definitely see a spike in sales. I really love the online portion. There are so many options and the staff is really knowledgeable. Online at Courant.com is where our patrons are. It’s an absolute parallel demographic.”
Beth Hyland, Associate Director of Marketing
The Bushnell
“We do everything from TV to Twitter with HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media. One of our top-referring sites is Courant.com. We’ve had a great experience trying out new things with HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media. We use it to its potential.”
Denise Robidoux, General Manager
The Shoppes at Farmington Valley
“We have been advertising with HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media since 2010. We won the reader’s poll in the Hartford Advocate and thought ‘well let’s see if we can draw more people in.’ We have people come in that have read about us in the Advocate or have seen our ad there. HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media came to us with suggestions and from that we trust they are getting us in the right direction. They have shown that they want to do everything to help our business and have been aggressively helpful for us.”
Stewart Miller, Owner/Optician
Opticians Unlimited, Hartford
“The Internet advertising looks great. I’ve seen the reports and how many clicks we’re getting to our website. It’s pretty substantial. I’ve had a number of people call me or I’ve seen people who have seen the ad and they loved it. Everything has been positive. Monica Lombardi is my everyday rep and John DiCioccio does the print part of it. We’ve won ‘Best Fish Market’ for 20 consecutive years with the Advocate, and we always do an ad at least once a year for its ‘Best of’ section.”
Davina Ulisse
City Fish Market
In the five years that I have been marketing director for the Maritime Center, we have increased our advertising with the New Haven and Fairfield Advocates because the audience is a perfect match for us in terms of demographics. We have been able to broaden our marketing appeal beyond moms and kids to the 20- to 30-year-old millennials who are a perfect audience as well. My experiences working with our representative, Neal Honigfeld, have always been super positive. He is always quick and responsive.
Chris Loynd, Marketing Director
Maritime Center, Norwalk
When I look at the digital results that my account executive Anabela Maia sends me, including the click rates, they certainly seem promising. I think that the various mediums are all pieces to the bigger puzzle. My goal with any marketing or advertising is to bring name awareness and a sense of comfort to people who might need the type of services we provide. My hope is that when someone gets out of the hospital and the hospital staff says, ‘OK, pick one of these five providers from this list,’ they’ll choose us.
Russell Schwartz
Avon Health Center and West Hartford Health & Rehabilitation
Most of what we do is advertise in the Hartford Courant, but we do advertise in Hartford Magazine as well. I’ve been very happy with the results. I’d be afraid not to advertise with the Courant as it is the only real newspaper in Greater Hartford. Our business is very seasonal, so we do a regular run in the magazine. We try to ask our customers, ‘How did you hear about us?’ and a lot of people say ‘Oh we see your ads all the time in the Hartford Courant.’ That’s building brand awareness. People become familiar with our name and when they have a need for a product that we sell, they come and find us.
Kurt Wabrek
New England Patio
The project that we advertise probably requires us to recruit 1,000 people on a yearly basis. HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media is our main way of advertising for this project. Because of that ad, we draw in more people than we actually needed. I think of the saying “print is dead,” but our case proved that it’s not.
Edda Hayden
Manpower International
I’ve been advertising for 30 years with the Hartford Courant.  I’ve been taken care of very well. The person who takes care of me is John Vuillemot. He’s doing a great job for me. He’s on top of things and he’s really good.
Bill Jaile
Williams Shoes
We at the Home Builders Association of Hartford have experienced tremendous success by utilizing on-line and mobile advertising in addition to our print campaign, in building community awareness and driving ticket sales and foot traffic to our yearly Home Show.  Thanks to HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP and their holistic approach to advertising and marketing, we continue to enjoy successful results every year!
Eric Person, CEO
Home Builders Association of Hartford
Working with HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP was been an outstanding experience.  I’m new to the Hartford market. HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP listens to my goals and objectives for the Dunkin’ business. Their ideas are creative and sharp, and in some cases I have modified my objectives due to their influence. Most importantly, they deliver quality programs completely aligned with my needs.   I could not ask for a better partner.
Tammy Monks, Sr. Field Marketing Manager
Dunkin’ Brands
I have had the pleasure of working with Brett Steininger and his staff at HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media on multiple campaigns for Hyundai.  I am impressed by the company’s ability to deliver impactful 360 campaigns. HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media knows how to maximize advertisers presence across multiple platforms and deliver a greater return on investment.
Amanda Franco, Senior Media Planner
When Dave Calabrese opened Middletown Nissan in 1996, he knew that The Hartford Courant had the biggest and best coverage area for his advertising needs.
Middletown Nissan has been in business for 16 years, and when Dave opened in 1996, he took it from “zero to the number one dealer in the market, the largest of the 16 Nissan dealers in the Hartford-New Haven market,” he says.
He has run print ads in The Hartford Courant from the start, and currently runs each week in the Saturday Motoring Section, as well as the Sunday Sports section at the end of every month. Middletown Nissan has beefed up its advertising campaign with online ads on Cars.com.
“It’s done well for me. Almost everyone looks in the paper on Saturday morning to see where the best prices are. The Hartford Courant is the largest publication and the most read newspaper, and the results are there so I’ve never left them,” Dave says.
He has recently added to his outreach with HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media’s newest automotive addition, GoCars, a mobile platform that allows customers to browse the dealership’s mobile website for inventory, special offers, and services.
“I’m very excited about it,” Dave says, adding, “I like how it directs people to my site. I like the concept; people are mobile users and on the road all the time, so this equals more exposure and more future sales for me.”
Through ads in print, online and television, Dave knows that HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media gives him the most coverage and biggest outreach for his business.
“Based on the amount of circulation and the amount of readership, my name is in front of the consumer that many more times,” Dave says. “I want Middletown Nissan on every consumer’s shopping list, and HARTFORD COURANT MEDIA GROUP Media helps me do that.”
Middletown Nissan